Transformers Generations Legacy Wreck N Rule Collection Comic Universe Impactor and Spindle, Ages 8 and Up, 5.5-inch

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  • WRECK ‘N RULE COLLECTION: If a mission is a lost cause, the Autobots call in their toughest task force: the Wreckers. This elite strike team is prepared to rush in blasters-blazing and get the job done
  • THE LEADER AND THE NEW RECRUIT: Impactor is legendary for his unyielding strength and bravery in leading the Wreckers. Spindle, a new recruit, fiercely charges into battle by his side
  • CLASSIC CONVERSION & ACCESSORIES: Comic Universe Impactor figure converts to tank mode in 19 steps. Spindle figure converts to Spinosaurus mode in 28 steps. Includes 2 blaster accessories
  • ASSEMBLE THE HAMMER: Each Wreck ‘N Rule Collection pack includes with a piece of the Wreckers hammer. Collect all 5 packs to assemble and display the hammer (each sold separately, subject to availability)

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